Jang Hyuk & Jo Bo Ah in School Infirmary Scene,Innocent Thing (2014)


Jang Hyuk & Jo Bo Ah in School Infirmary Scene,Innocent Thing (2014)


who is happy to hear this news?

Do you even love me?

Like crazy.

[news] super junior m promotes dental hygiene instead of own album


hahahahha yeah


Donghae and the hand that breaks everything~

Ryeowook: Sungmin-ssi, has anyone destroyed your things before?

Sungmin: Not mine… but when we talk about things like this, man with the hand of minus…

Ryeowook: Donghae-ssi

Sungmin: He breaks everything he touches

Ryeowook: One time.. he slammed his fist in his bed… I made fun of him, saying ‘hyung, are your hands the hands of minus?’ He broke my computer before so I kept scolding him about it. He got angry from being scolded so much, but couldn’t punch me so instead, he punched his bed and it broke and his fist sunk in the mattress. I thought he was very strong ᄏᄏ but seriously, he broke so many things

Sungmin: He broke Kyuhyun-ssi’s mouse before too

Ryeowook: His hands.. must be cursed or something


There is two types of people..

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"You guys have no plans to end dorm life?" "No. Because there’s nowhere else to go.”

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Cody being stuck in bed with Zach&Frankie again and again. 


Zankie cuddling!

"You try to turn me gay every single day and I feel like you get closer and closer every time but…. it ain’t gonna happen… but you can still try though, I like it when you try."

"I just wanted to let you know, you may only have a few more days to discover you’re a homosexual and have sex with me"