There is two types of people..

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"You guys have no plans to end dorm life?" "No. Because there’s nowhere else to go.”

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Cody being stuck in bed with Zach&Frankie again and again. 


Zankie cuddling!

"You try to turn me gay every single day and I feel like you get closer and closer every time but…. it ain’t gonna happen… but you can still try though, I like it when you try."

"I just wanted to let you know, you may only have a few more days to discover you’re a homosexual and have sex with me"


"I literally am sleeping on the side of it"

He isn’t kidding:

6/30 4:30pm

Zach has a thing for you.
I know he does.

Frankie: Guys my ass is raw. Raw, raw, raw, raw hole.
Caleb: Can we blame Zach for that?
Frankie: I WISH we could blame Zach for that.

IS NOT RAW omg.. hahahahahaha Actually Frankie tried to said; ROJO that means red in spanish


Zach trying to hold Frankie’s Hand

Frankie: Wanna move in together?
Zach: Yeah, we should.
Frankie: I think we should.
Zach: Dude, if we lived together. It’d be over. I’d be gay.


maybe ‘where’s the clicker’ will be our always